About Us

Choosing a fragrance can be overwhelming with so many brands and varieties available out there. Prices ranging from £30 to £300 a bottle, fragrance world can get quite expensive as you discover more brands. You don't have to spend a fortune on many bottles to create a great fragrance collection. This is where Parfumeria comes in for your help.

We are committed to help you to enjoy your fragrance journey as much as possible, providing you an excellent customer experience. Our fragrance collection provides you a convenient access to luxury fragrances without spending a fortune, so you can experience different fragrances to find the one you'd like.

Parfumeria is a London, UK based business, managed by a team of fragrance experts. Our experts always check what's trending and they keep adding the best and top-selling fragrances in the market to our sample collection.

Our collection includes a perfect mix of classic, luxury, and trending fragrances. All fragrance samples in our collection are 100% genuine, carefully sampled from their original bottles by our expert team in hygenic environments. We constantly get our team tested for Covid-19, so you can make sure you're getting perfectly safe products.

Let your fragrance journey begin!