5 Reasons to Choose Perfume Samples over Bottles

Choosing a fragrance can be overwhelming but we're here to help you. Here are the five reasons why you should buy perfume samples instead of bottles.

1) Variety over Commitment

Perfumes are one of the most important elements defining your style, just like shoes, sunglasses, watches, and jewellery. You should ideally have different perfumes for different occasions and seasons. For example, a sweet winter fragrance wouldn't be a good choice in hot summer weather. Similarly, you wouldn't want to wear the same fragrance on a date, in a club, and in the office. Perfume samples allow you to diversify your fragrance collection without having to buy bottles. Besides, most perfumes expire within 12 months after you open the bottle. If you can't finish a pefume bottle in 1 year, buying samples is a better solution for you.

2) Spend Less, Have More

If you're on a budget, buying perfume samples is the best way to discover more fragrances. You wouldn't want to buy a bottle of perfume, just to be bored of it in a few weeks. There's a saying "Less is more", but when it comes to perfumes, we believe "More is more". Besides, perfumes can get very expensive with prices reaching up to £100-£300. If you want to have quality fragrances but don't want to spend a fortune, perfume samples are the best choice for you.

3) It's the Best Way of Trying Fragrances

When you decide to try a new perfume, you typically have only one option: going to a perfume shop or a shopping mall, try the perfume on your wrists. However, this method won't let you experience and appreciate the fragrance properly. You should give around 1 to 5 hours to let the fragrance release its top notes, middle notes, and base notes. You may also get several paper test strips in shops, but this is not recommended because you should always try fragrances on yourself to figure out if it matches your skin. Perfume samples give you the chance to try different fragrances at the comfort of your home for a long time so you won't need to rush your decision in stores.

4) Smell Great Wherever You Go

Perfume samples are also a very convenient solution when it comes to portability. If you're going on a holiday, a date or a night out, you can easily carry a mini sample perfume in your pocket to refresh yourself.

5) Treat Your Friends with a Gift Set

Giving a perfume as gift to loved ones is risky as they may not like the fragrance. However, you can buy several perfume samples and give a sample perfume set as gift so they can have the opportunity to try different fragrances.

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